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A Multi Week Winter Solstice Ritual

With moving and getting into my new business, I’ve been too preoccupied with responsibilities to feed my spirituality. I hadn’t done any tarot since Thanksgiving when I did a weekly spread for my mother, and I used to be so on top of doing weekly readings and daily readings.

Finally at the start of December I had the energy to put aside the time to get back into my practice. I am so happy that I found this Winter Solstice multi-week ritual from The Lovely Wild and BeCrowBe via The Witch of Lupine Hollow. This ritual just felt super witchy and a great activity to jump back into my practice. You can read about the format of the ritual here. I create my own tarot component as well, since tarot has always been an integral part of my practice an life, which I will include with each section of the ritual!

I performed the whole ritual on my husband’s old steamer trunk in the middle of my dedicated witch space. I covered it with the biggest and coziest scarf I own, on top of which is actually a winter-y pillow case my grandmother gave me! I left each week’s altar and drawn tarot cards in place until I was ready to setup and perform the next week’s ritual.

Week One : Release and Receive

When I lit the first candle I hadn’t set up my altar yet, I just sat and meditated for a bit. I focused on making my dedicated witch space cleansed of past energy that wasn’t mine and to foster my practice. I then drew three tarot cards to help answer the question “what is holding me back in life?” The cards I drew were the nine of cups, the hierophant, and the ten of swords. Pretty heavy for a first draw after a few week hiatus.

After lighting the second candle, I decorated my desk altar for Yule and my Winter Solstice altar to house this ritual for the coming weeks. Sitting at my altar, I embraced the possibilities of my new life here in Texas and everything I could make it. For my tarot draw, I drew the eight of swords, the two of swords, and the empress to bring some insight into “how can I bring harmony into my life?”

Week Two : Creativity and Inspiration

After relighting the first two candles, I decorated this week’s Winter Solstice altar with carnelian, smokey quartz, citrine, a bergamot candle, dried clementine peels, some pinecones I found outside while walking the dogs, and a box of chocolate covered orange peels from a favorite Parisian candy shop. When I lit this week’s candle, I meditated and started brainstorming for this new blog while sipping some hot chocolate (with a bit of Rum Chata). Next was my tarot draw to address “what creative influences should I explore”, when I drew the moon, the ten of cups, and the empress.

I did have some difficulty with this draw admittedly. I used my Golden Tarot deck which I lost when we moved to our new place for about three weeks. I felt like my deck was annoyed it was misplaced but it feels so good to be reunited!

Week Three : Abundance and Prosperity

This week, I decorated my altar with a crystal grid of fluorite, rose quartz, and clear quartz that I’ve had up since we moved in. This grid is to bring happiness and prosperity to our lives and our new home. I also decorated with a lucky penny I found in the parking lot the other day, a $10 bill from 1934 that belonged to my grandmother’s aunt, and a $1 bill from 1935 that I somehow acquired last year before I got married. I finished off my altar with my clear quartz pyramid and burned some frankincense.

Week three’s tarot draw was to help answer the question “how can I build up my dreams and goals?” I drew the seven of swords, the ace of swords, and the two of coins. To me, these cards issue a warning. While I work towards bringing prosperity in my life, I have to remain honest and diligent if I want to achieve success. Ultimately, I will reach my goals as the two of coins indicates. But I can’t let the promise of fulfillment cloud my judgement.

Week Four : Balance and Connection

How fitting that it was the last day of 2017 that I finally got to finish this Winter Solstice ritual! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing this ritual every week and I hope I can keep up the momentum in the new year. This week’s altar was decorated with a bunch of crystals (zeusite, selenite, black jasper, labradorite pyramid, clear quartz pyramid and point, howlite, and white calcite), pinecones from previous weeks, my lucky money from last week, a cleansing sage candle, and some nag champa incense.

My tarot draw included the four of swords, nine of coins, and six of wands to help me understand how I can take my spirituality to the next level. To me, these cards are quite reassuring as I assess my spiritual growth and journey!

What a wonderful way to round out 2017. I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for me, happy New Year!

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