La Reine de la Lune: A Night Owl’s Grimoire

This started out as a project to start digitizing my personal grimoires to better keep track of things and make searching for past spells and rituals easier. Researching for personal rituals and spells, I really found a lack of complete resources and how to’s. Every practice is personal and customized, but all of the sources I used for research seemed disjointed, incomplete, and just vague. Also, can we talk about the weird and let’s be honest, unattainable materials that spells and rituals can include? I strongly believe that witchcraft should be demystified and easily customizable for the modern witch.

I continue to digitize spellwork I’ve previously done, but I want this site to provide complete and concise resources, guides, cheat sheets, you name it to help you as you explore your craft. Check out my shop for little extras to add to your grimoire/Book of Shadows. Want me to cover a topic? Let me know!

Hey, I’m Hannah!

Hello fellow human who stumbled into the void of the internet, nice to meet you! I’m a Michigan transplant currently residing and practicing witchcraft in Houston, Texas with my husband, 2 doggos, and a son. My “9-5” is owning my own web hosting company, Black Chicken Host.

I am a secular, eclectic witch who loves the moon, listens to my tarot cards, worships punk rock, and is generally trying to figure the universe out. I’ve had prophetic dreams for as long as I remember and I try to use my claircognizance and clairvoyance on the reg. My practice dabbles in kitchen witchery as I love to bake and create cocktails for any and all witchy occasions.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or just want someone to talk tarot and witchy woowoo with. I am always on instagram or twitter, let’s chat!