Are you Wiccan?

No. I do not feel comfortable worshiping any individual deities or a structure of deities which is part of the Wiccan practice (similar to the fact I never felt comfortable worshiping individuals and being afraid of other individuals going to church when I was growing up). As much as I love pomp and circumstance, I do not like the structure of ritual, rites, initiation, and the required tools and supplies. I also personally do not like following a set of standards such as the “Wiccan Rede” which dictate ways to live life and how to go about my practice. My practice is fluid to how I’m feeling at the time and it’s been working great for me. If you are a Wiccan, do you! You found something that speaks to you on a higher level and I live my life and practice my craft how my personal higher level sees fit.

Then why do you celebrate sabbats/holidays?

Because I bloody love an excuse for a gathering and special occasion! Since I do not worship deities or the like, I use sabbats and traditional Pagan holidays to observe the progression of the year and seasons.

So then, do you worship Satan?

No. Satan or Lucifer is a Christian concept, y’all can keep him. I believe there are good forces in the universe and there are bad forces in the universe, but I do not believe in a “supreme” good or evil. We’re all striving to do our best and some people make mistakes and choose to do bad things.

What supplies do you use for journaling?

Currently, I use a Leda Art Journal in Medium for my actual journal/grimoire. My tried and true writing utensils are the Paper Mate Inkjoy Gel pens in 0.7. All of my gold illustration and writing is made with the Sakura Gelly Roll Metallic pens. A little disclaimer, I’m not being paid to link these products. I am a slave to convenience and Amazon happens to be where I purchase 90% of things in my life.