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Full Moon in Cancer

This full moon was super special for so many reasons. Not only did it fall on the first of the year but it was a super moon and we finally got out of Mercury in retrograde. Talk about the perfect full moon for making serious magic and deep introspection!

Full moons in general are wonderful for a variety of things include all things divination, banishment, charging magickal items, and protection magic. The gentle, emotional water sign Cancer makes this full moon time a wonderful period to really dig deep into your own emotions and take stock of your life.

Full Moon in Cancer Correspondences

crystals: pearl, selenite, moonstone

colors: sea foam and silver

plants and herbs: peppermint, verbena, parsley, apple, thyme

incense: sandalwood and spiritual

working magick: all forms of divination, water scrying, spirit communication, love spells, and banishment.

For this Full Moon, I did a simple forgiveness and gratitude ritual from Moonology. I’ve had this book for a few months now, but only recently have I really started to dig into it. The rituals are simple yet elegant and there are in depth questions to ask yourself that correspond to which sign the moon falls under. With the Cancer Full Moon, I thought it appropriate to dig deep and be brutally honest when answering the questions and recording my answers. I’ve been holding onto a lot of thoughts and emotions the past few months and I feel as though a weight was lifted – that I didn’t even know was there.

As previously mentioned, I always include a tarot spread when I do ritual. This Full Moon Magic spread by The New Age Hipster is again, a favorite. The spread helps take stock on where you currently are in your magickal/spiritual journey, and how to fine tune it to foster growth!

How did you celebrate this super special full moon?

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