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Full Moon in Leo + Full Moon Madness

Another lengthy moon related post for good reason! On January 31st we will have another full moon in the night sky. This Blue/Super/Blood Moon which is also a Lunar Eclipse is supposed to be spectacular and full of magick! With 2018 kicking off with 2 full moons (peak of cycles), the universe wants to make sure that you reach any new goals and make strides with your New Years resolutions. Side note: anyone else think it’s a bit freaky that the solar eclipse/new moon in August 2017 was also in Leo?? How fitting for always dramatic and grand Leo.

The Magick of Blue Moons

The community is divided on whether or not Blue Moons hold any special magickal significance, and how often a Blue Moon actually occurs. What qualifies a moon as a Blue Moon is different to most people:

  1. The second full moon in a calendar month (the most “popular” belief).
  2. Four Full Moons occurring between Equinoxes. If this were the case, there wouldn’t be a Blue Moon this year.
  3. The second full moon under the same astrological sign as the previous (which is even more rare).

I do not believe that Blue Moons possess any special magickal “powers”. Personally, I think that Blue Moons give any goals, plans, or manifestations you’re working on for the month some extra kick, as well as extra time to develop. Who doesn’t appreciate more time to work on a project?

The Magick of Lunar Eclipses

Lunar eclipses are said to posses the magick of the earth, the sun, and the moon due to the fact that it takes all three to make an eclipse! Fire, earth, and water elements are all going to be particularly potent the night of a lunar eclipse, so it would be a great idea to include all three elements in a spell or ritual.

Timing is also important if you want to harness the power of a Lunar Eclipse. For me, it’s going to happen at around 7:31am CST. I am dedicated to the majesty that is our Moon but that is a bit early for me! Plus, I don’t think it’s as beautiful during the daylight.

Full Moon in Leo Correspondences

Leo is a fire sign with a penchant for glamour. I think this Leo moon is coming at the right time as we brace for the second half of winter and the promise of longer warmer days.

Full Moon in Leo Correspondences

crystals and stones: ruby, obsidian, and citrine

colors: gold, red, and orange

plants and herbs: oranges, poppies, sunflowers, ginger, cinnamon, and lemon

incense: cherry, myrrh, or lemongrass

working magick: glamour magick, candle magick, enchanting of objects or jewelry, and healing

Full Moon Madness and Lunar Self Care

We’re also going to touch on the subject of “Full Moon Madness”. Most people exaggerate and sigh excessively when folks are acting stranger than normal, “oh, must be the full moon!” But I do take Moon Madness seriously! The Full Moon can be a wonderful time for folks, more confidence, smashing through tough projects, and excessive amounts of energy. But some of us are quite the opposite.

As previously mentioned (at least I think so) Full Moons wear me out so much. I get irritated and tired days before and the day of the lunar event. Full Moons are supposed to represent the peak of the cycle, where we get to start validating all the goals we’ve been working on during the month. No wonder I’m always tired! I’ve been working so hard all month I just want to relax, damn it.

If you’re anything like me you most likely feel bad for skipping out on doing a ritual and just want to chill out for the evening. And that’s perfectly fine! My Full Moon plans include decorating my altar with the moon’s correspondences, doing a little tarot spread, and journaling out the rest. Some other fantastic things to do on this night could also include:

  • Gather up crystals, incense, and candles and take a long, luxurious bath.
  • Mix a cocktail for Leo (if you’re ya know, allowed to) to include various citrus flavors and ginger and hang out with a loved one or friend.
  • Spend some time finishing up a small project you’ve been putting off. Crossing things off your to do list is what the Full Moon is for!
  • During the day, take a long nap preferably in the sun. Leo may be a lion, but he is still a cat!
  • Moon bathe. I don’t think I’d ever in a million years be brave enough to do this naked (plus it’s cold at night even in Texas), but sitting out on a blanket somewhere and gaze at the stars and the moon in all her glory. Bring some snacks.

After I recover from my Moon Madness, I’m making it my mission to tackle particularly gruesome work projects and make a schedule for posting here. I have some big things in the works and I am going to use this amazing Full Moon to help motivate me to get them done!

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