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Full Moon in Libra: Get Ready for Round Two

Wait. Didn’t we just have a full moon in Libra last month? What’s going on??

Y’all this is just how moon phases and signs work, it’s fine. Get ready for round two!

The first full moon in Libra last month was about starting fresh with the clean cosmic slate that is the Vernal Equinox. Last month was a good time for seriously deep psychic and spiritual cleansing as is appropriate with the astro new year. With Mercury Retrograde also nearing its end at the time however, it was still a touchy time in terms of realizing goals and manifesting. Full moons are meant for reaping the rewards and manifesting desires, so it’s always frustrating when super problematic/dream wrecker Mercury Retrograde gets in the way. March’s Mercury Retrograde was a rough one without a doubt. Even though we’re way past it I am still working on building my self-confidence back up and unclenching in general.

Libra is all about that balanced, stable life but it’s also about that luxe life. Time to draw in both! Now that Mercury is direct (for now!) this full moon will focus on our love and money goals and we will be able to make an attainable plan of attack before TWO planets in addition to Jupiter retrograde this month. Libra’s ruling planet Venus is also about to make a sign change (not necessarily for the better) but this full moon is a great time to manifest and make plans. Even though planets are about to retrograde, don’t fret you got this!

Libra and Venus

With Libra’s ruling planet Venus in dreamy Pisces for one more night, show some more compassion and up the romance to partners and treat yourself financially tonight. Go out to eat. Buy a new candle and bath bomb. Invite your partner to partake in both events. Bask in the hazy, dreamlike qualities that is life under Venus in Pisces while you can. This is also a great time to do some serious divination. Venus in Pisces has us feeling extra sensitive and intuitive, though be careful that you don’t confuse fantasy with reality. Trust your intuition, but don’t run completely wild and make up and believe impossible scenarios.

Tomorrow (April 20th), Venus enters explosive Aries and that can mean all sorts of confusion and setbacks if you’re not careful. As a person who’s Venus is in Aries I know my temper can run hot if I let something get to me or I can become impulsive or obsessive when it comes to love and money. Not a really good combination! For the rest of y’all, use this Full Moon as a catalyst of sorts for any financial or romantic aspirations. But don’t get crazy! Make a detailed step by step plan for any goals, especially as it relates to finances. You’ll be glad to have a plan of attack in place if you fall victim to Venus in Aries too firey of passions. For example, I’m making 2019 the year I make serious strides in paying off debt, and April and May just happen to be months where I’ll have extra money. I’ve already adjusted my bill autopayments to pay back increased amounts and saying no to the siren call of balling out that is Venus in Aries.

Full Moon in Libra Correspondences

Instead of just posting my usual graphic of a list of correspondences without context, I’m going to try something different going forward! Let’s look at each element above.

crystals & stones

Rose Quartz – The obvious use for rose quartz is for everything love related! Though I think you can also utilize this Venus-ruled crystal in any money manifestation if done right, particularly if you want your money to manifest as a “gift” to someone deserving.
Pyrite – The money/abundance manifestation powerhouse. If you seek those Benjamins, stock up on this, my friend. While we can use rose quartz to aid in abundance manifestation, I would not recommend pyrite for romance-related matters. I suggest the subtler citrine.
Opal – I love opal for its soft brilliance and its ability to help regain inner peace and balance. This stone clears inhibitions and is great for anything love or luck related.
Ametrine – The ultimate yin and yang balancing stone. Ametrine is a mixture of feminine amethyst and masculine citrine. If you do not have a singular ametrine stone (tbh who does), using both amethyst and citrine is fine 🙂


Pink – Femininity, love, compassion, and hope.
Lavender – As a color, subtly invokes the masculine and the feminine. I think that the concept of two colors making lavender is especially relevant for this full moon; purple/blue representing Venus in Pisces and pink representing Venus moving to Aries.
Light Blue – Trust and responsibility; two things we need to keep in mind and invoke on a daily basis. We need something to balance the fun and decadence!

plants & herbs

Cosmos – For love, beauty, and balance. Though native to Mexico and South America, this plant’s Greek name means “balanced universe”.
Hydrangea – The full, lush blooms of this plant bring in abundance and gratitude.
Mint – Mint, another Venus ruled herb, has a myriad of uses involving virtue, luck, and abundance for example. Especially powerful if mixed or used with lavender.
Yarrow – In addition to being the traditional herb of warriors (for its wound healing and protection properties), yarrow can be used for divination purposes, particularly for prophetic dreams or divining for romance.
Thyme – A great jack of all trades herb that can be added to any spell or ritual. We use it during the full moon to attract abundance and courage.


Lavender – As aromatherapy, lavender is synonymous with stress and tension relief. It takes away inner tension to help restore our natural balance.
Rose – Rose as incense is great for (surprise, surprise) anything love related, but also money/luck spells and attracting abundance. This plant is ruled by Venus and will positively aid any magick performed under the Libra full moon.
Cypress – While this tree is associated with Saturn we use it during the full moon to aid in any divination we practice. It has a powerful link to the other side and is useful for reaching out to those departed.
Juniper – An intense purification plant for cleansing. If you want to work on karmic/spiritual balance and need to cleanse first, this would be an extremely appropriate choice. The berries are used to make gin, so why not whip up a cocktail for your full moon shenanigans?

Libra Karmic Balance Ritual

In addition to any money manifestation and love/self-love spells this full moon, let’s take a few moments to prepare ourselves for the upcoming cosmic changes by making sure we’re balanced karmically and spiritually. As we’ve explored previously, there are big changes coming with retrogrades and Venus going into Aries. If you are planning on doing any additional spell work I suggest doing that before this ritual.

For this ritual, we are going to use lavender aromatherapy to help balance our karmic energy. If you cannot stand to use lavender because you are not partial to the smell, feel free to use a subtler scent such as amber or sandalwood. If your senses are irritated you’re not going to get balanced! Same goes for the crystals. I understand that most folks don’t have a wide variety available. Witchcraft isn’t about the “stuff” you have, it’s all about intention. Don’t have any crystals at all? Use a little bowl of salt.


  • Lavender in the form of incense, an essential oil in a diffuser, or in a different preferred form.
  • Crystals. Preferably one clear quartz, one amethyst, and one citrine. If you don’t have amethyst or citrine, using just clear quartz will do.

the ritual

This is a simple balancing meditation that you can sit and perform for as long as you feel necessary. Libra is all about those balancing scales so we’re going to focus on that theme during this meditation.

First, let’s set up our karmic balancing space. Gather your supplies. Situate yourself someplace quiet and detached from any outside noise and distraction. If possible, leave behind any electronics! Make sure your space is also comfortable with either a supportive chair, atop a (clean and made) bed, or on the floor with a yoga mat or floor pillows.

If your practice calls for you to cast a circle or fully cleanse a room you may do so now.

Ideally, if you have all three of the crystals above, place the clear quartz in front of you, amethyst on one side of your body, and citrine on your opposite side. If you’re just working with one crystal or a single bowl of salt, simply place those directly in front of you. As we previously discussed with Ametrine, this crystal contains the duality of the masculine citrine and the feminine amethyst, or life’s opposites. The clear quartz is acting as our center, just as the scales have a balanced center of gravity.

Light your incense or fire up that diffuser and let’s get started! Situated in the middle of your three crystals, close your eyes and practice some deep breaths. Take a moment for lavender’s calming scent to do its job.

Next, say the following affirmation either aloud or to yourself:

I recognize the masculine. I recognize the feminine. I embrace the opposites of life. My spirit is in sync. My karmic energy is in sync. I am balanced.

As you are meditating and saying the above affirmation as many times as desired, you may feel like you are being “pulled” towards one crystal or another and start to sway. That’s good! It’s your spirit taking in the masculine/feminine representations of duality that you’ve set up. Keep meditating until you are being “pulled” right in front of yourself towards the clear quartz, or your center.

Feel free to sit in silence until your incense burns down or until you feel sufficiently centered. Try to keep the evening’s activities light and carefree. You will want to maintain that balance that you’ve just achieved for the rest of the evening. Happy Full Moon!

In Other News

I’ve been busy working on some more content for posts, my shop, and Instagram as well as making a few changes behind the scenes. I’ve been having a heck of a time learning how to balance a baby, my regular full-time business, and my practice. But I’m working on it!

My shop now accepts credit/debit payments in addition to PayPal – yay! Also, be on the lookout for some freebies hitting the site soon and (if I get my shit together) a workbook for Beltane! While you’re here, why don’t you pick up a freebie or two for your grimoire/book of shadows?

As always, let me know if you have any questions or just want someone to talk tarot and witchy woowoo with. I am always on instagram or twitter, let’s chat!

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