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New Moon in Capricorn + A Negativity Banishment Ritual

A New Year and now a New Moon! Anyone else feel super energized by that Super/Full Moon on the first? I have been feeling so motivated and ready to tackle the world after my introspective session with the Full Moon in Cancer a few weeks ago. I personally feel much more alined with myself emotionally and have plans in place to reach my somewhat lofty witchy/spiritual goals.

Now it’s Capricorn’s turn. Capricorn is about putting your money where your mouth is. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is about creating practical plans and having the patience and determination to follow through with them. Time to take your head out of the clouds and step back from dreaming big for a minute. We’re all about breaking down goals into bite sized, manageable chunks that we can check off our to do lists. Sounds pretty perfect for the first New Moon of 2018 in my opinion!

New Moon in Capricorn Correspondences

crystals and stones: garnet, jet, granite, and jasper

colors: dark green, brown, and copper

plants and herbs: ivy, carnations, thyme, pine, and salt

incense: sage or cedar

working magick: all forms of divination (particularly those using elements of the earth), fertility spells, consecration of crystals, and grounding

Use this first New Moon of the new year to really cleanse and let go of current and past negative influences. Start this new year off with this powerful banishment ritual developed by yours truly. A bit of warning though, ground yourself thoroughly and have plenty of snacks and water at the ready. When I performed this ritual, I was cleansed of all negative forces against and within me, but I was literally tired for 2 days after.

Banishing Ritual of Negative Influences and Energies

~ Materials ~

1 black candle and 1 white candle

1 dark colored crystal for focusing/capturing negative energy (I use obsidian). This is not to say that dark colors are inherently negative, they’re also fantastic at grounding. When trapping negativity I also want to be properly grounded so the negative vibes don’t find their way back to me!

1 crystal of your choosing to house your positive energies (I use rose quartz)

1 clear quartz

herbs: rosemary, cinnamon, and sea salt

incense: sage or cedar (sandalwood would also be acceptable)

moon water or consecrated water of choice

tarot cards: The Tower and any card you want to help fill the cleansed void with its positive energies. I love the Queen of Wands personally. OR

physical representations of your negative energies you want to banish and the positive ones you want to bring in. I love using tarot cards because well, tarot is a major part of my practice, and the cards already have built-in meaning. Up to you!

pen and paper

fire safe vessel and a lighter

~ Workspace Setup ~

Left hand side: black candle, The Tower card (or your personal representation of negativity), and your dark colored crystal.

Right hand side: white candle, your other positive tarot card (or your personal representation of positivity), and your crystal chosen to embody positivity.

Middle: clear quartz and fire safe vessel

~ The Ritual ~

Light incense to start the ritual.

Light the black candle and meditate with The Tower card and dark crystal.

Write down, in detail, what energies need to be banished. What’s bogging you down? What do you want to shed this year?

Place the paper in the vessel. Rip it up if needed. This is supposed to be cathartic.

Light the paper and rosemary on fire and say, “I banish these influences from my life. They parish in the flames never to return.”

Neutralize the unleashed bad vibes that are now floating in the universe with the moon water and sea salt and say, “I purify this space, physical and mental, from the negativity that consumed me.”

Blow out the black candle and light the white candle.

Usher in the positive energies with a sprinkling of cinnamon in the vessel and say, “I reestablish positivity and harmony in my life.”

Meditate on your physical representation you have of positivity and your chosen crystal. Think upon the positive energies you want to invite and how you can help achieve them. Write them down in a journal or on a piece of paper and have up somewhere where you can be reminded.

When finished meditating, blow out the white candle.

The ritual is now complete! Spend the rest of the day/night indulging in self care or something fun. Fill the void where the funk used to be with positivity and relaxation. You have some work ahead of you to achieve those goals!

Whew that was exhausting to write out from my grimoire! I’m amped for the New Moon tonight and I can’t wait to celebrate it accordingly. New Moons always have me energized and ready to go. What goals are you setting this year?

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