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New Moon in Sagittarius

Tomorrow is the New Moon in Sagittarius! I love the New Moon. Everything is dark and calm, and I feel like it gives me a fresh start once a month. I feel more empowered to start new projects and work towards goals and I feel that the New Moon gives me more motivation to work on existing goals and projects. The New Moon can be both a beginning and an end, it’s whatever you make it! Below are my personal New Moon in Sagittarius correspondences with influence from The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need. With the New Moon being in Sagittarius, I like to incorporate fire into ritual. Fire is a powerful element, but it can also be a cleansing element, perfect for this moon phase!

New Moon in Sagittarius Correspondences

Stones: turquoise, jasper, bloodstone

Colors: purple, charcoal

Plants/Herbs: holly, dandelion, mulberry, oak, birch, sage, anise, nutmeg, mint

Incense: myrrh, amber

Working magic: healing, pyromancy, consecrating items with candles or flame, setting new goals or starting new projects

With the Winter Solstice approaching, I think that it’s a great idea to incorporate aspects of Yule into this New Moon Ritual! I plan on enjoying some seasonal cookies and maybe some spiced wine along with ritual tomorrow. I also always do a tarot reading with my New Moon rituals, as tarot is a big part of my practice. This New Moon Magic Spread from New Age Hipster is a favorite of mine to use.

This New Moon Ritual is my fallback ritual when I don’t have time to think of anything elaborate or just don’t have the energy.


white candles

fireproof bowl or vessel

scrap of paper


The Ritual

Start by creating a calm ritual space. Set up candles, light that incense, relax, get a drink, and settle in!

Time to create goals and dreams to accomplish or start during this new phase. On that scrap of paper(s), really elaborate on these goals and dreams. They can be practical (mine are to read an hour before bed each night and to cut out soda) and they can be grand (I want to wildly grow my web hosting business and to further my spiritual practices and witchcraft as a whole).

Once satisfied, time to burn the paper! The moon and universe will receive your goals and dreams as the paper burns. While the paper burns, feel free to chant this mantra, “I am open to receiving.”

As the paper finishes burning and as the incense runs out, the ritual is now complete.

As an Aries with a Leo moon, I always incorporate a lot of candles and fire in general into my rituals. This ritual can be modified! If you are a water sign, you could dissolve your wishes into a bowl of consecrated water. If you are an earth sign, you could bury your wishes into a garden or a field. If you are an air sign, you could rip up your wish paper and let the wind carry away your wishes!


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