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New Moon in Virgo: Time to Prioritize

This New Moon is coming at the perfect time for me! Our son is being delivered on Tuesday, and we’ve spent the entire weekend getting the house ready for his arrival; cleaning, purging, and organizing. It’s been quite therapeutic and I feel like our life is getting a “fresh start” for when we come home from the hospital at the end of the week. I feel emotionally ready which is why I’m extra glad this huge life event is coming so soon after the New Moon. I always feel a sense of calm and focus during this time every month as apposed to the Full Moon. The last thing I need right now is to be running around, frantic and irritated.

Virgo is a very analytical and logical sign, probably the most level headed of the zodiac in my opinion (with Capricorn coming in a very close second). Virgo is also a no-nonsense sign. When creating your altar or sacred space this New Moon put away the extra frills and go back to basics. We have some serious work to do tonight.

Virgo is a fabulous sign to help you purge and reorganize your life in a logical and calm way. Now that we’re finally past all those planetary retrogrades that were bogging us down all summer, there’s no where to go but up from here! Let’s not only keep crossing the goals and projects off our lists before the year’s end, but it’s probably a great time to start consolidating, reevaluating, and dropping unnecessary tasks altogether. Does everything on your to do list/wish list serve you? Most likely not. You’re not giving up by releasing things that don’t serve you. You’ve been busy this year and have already accomplished so much!

Tonight, I plan on giving the altar space a complete deep cleaning and getting some crystals ready that I’m bringing to the hospital with me this week (if I can work through my super fun new sciatic pain that is). I’m excited to have a little piece of my altar and practice with me at the hospital, I think I’ll feel a greater sense of calm and stability as I transition from human vessel to a single healing person haha. I plan on writing about crystals for childbirth/recovery at some point, so stay tuned!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or just want someone to talk tarot and witchy woowoo with. I am always on instagram or twitter, let’s chat!

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