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Summer’s Abundance Candle Spell

It’s finally summer! This summer solstice passed in traditional Texas fashion for us, with a heat index of 112 *profuse sweating*.

Lately, I’ve been feeling…funky. Like every day is shakey and the universe is trying to work against me. A bit dramatic yes (thanks Leo rising and moon) but Gemini season did not treat me well. The other morning I put together this quick candle spell to attract abundance and I’ve been feeling so much better in general, so I thought I’d share with you!

Summer’s Abundance Candle Spell

This spell would be “best” to perform during the waxing or full moon phases, but of course, do what feels best to you! With all candle spells, be sure to set up somewhere that won’t create a fire hazard or put anyone in danger. If you are using bare candles without a holder (such as chime candles) do not put any paper money in contact with the candle. Place any paper/flammable objects next to, but safely, the candle.


– one yellow candle
– money in any value
– cinnamon
– the nicest, fire-safe dish you own
– (optional) Queen of Pentacles and Nine of Pentacles tarot card
– (also very optional) crystals you associate with abundance and blessings. I used carnelian and citrine for my setup!

the spell

Start by setting your candle on the dish or bowl on your altar or similar sacred space. Decorate the candle space with your paper money, coins, and tarot cards if you chose to use some.

Dress the candle with sprinkles of cinnamon. With each dash concentrate on the warmth of summer, the lush and beautiful Earth, the sun’s radiance, and filling your life with these or similar feelings. Feel free to meditate after a few sprinkles of cinnamon are applied with these sensations and allowing them to penetrate your life with blessings of abundance.

Light the candle and leave lit until burned down, or revisit and relight if using a larger candle. Watch abundance flow to you as the candle burns down.

Need a template?

Well, I got you! Download a blank copy if you want to change up any of the materials or steps. Download a filled out copy to keep as is for your grimoire, Book of Shadows, or witchy folder of your Google Drive.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or just want someone to talk tarot and witchy woowoo with. I am always on instagram or twitter, let’s chat!

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