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The Devil Addiction Cleansing Spell

The Devil in tarot represents bad habits, addiction, or negative energy that you just can’t shake. While the Devil tries to constrain and force you into thinking you are imprisoned by external forces, know there is always a way out.

This self-made spell was created to help one of my friends who is trying to overcome alcohol addiction. I know that it is ultimately up to the individual to seek proper medical and mental help to work towards sobriety, but what harm could it cause to send out good/helping vibes into the universe?


candles: white, 4 tea candles preferred

incense: frankincense or sandalwood (for purity)

crystals: amethyst (for sobriety. read the story of Dionysus and the creation of amethyst, and this will make sense!)

herbs: thyme (strength, courage) and rosemary (purity, healing)

tarot: the devil

The Spell

Light incense to begin. If you cast circles for your spell work, do so now.

Place The Devil card flat, face up on a surface that won’t be disturbed. This is so you can leave this spell out and relight the candles should you wish.

Sprinkle thyme on the north and south sides of the card.

Sprinkle rosemary on the east and west sides of the card.

Surround card and herbs with the tea lights. 4 should be sufficient, I placed mine on each corner of the card, but feel free to add more as desired to make a full circle.

Place the amethyst on the north side of the card, centered. If this spell is for yourself, consider using a piece of amethyst jewelry. That way, you can charge the jewelry with this spell’s intent and wear to feel its effects.

When ready, light the candles and meditate on the habit or addiction that needs to be removed. Take your time. Send your intentions and goals to the universe. Or to a deity if you worship one (I personally don’t).

When finished meditating, the spell is “complete” for now. If desired, relight, meditate with and revisit this little spell altar you just created until the habit or addiction is broken.

*Deck featured is the Ostara Tarot

**I am in no way, shape, or form a certified medical professional. Please seek professional attention if needed. Just your friendly neighborhood eclectic witch trying to bring some good vibes into your life.

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